What is an Obedience Trial?




Obedience trials were designed to test the dog’s suitability as a good companion. Basic tests include heeling (on and off lead), Sit, Stand, Stay and coming when called. At more advanced levels, dogs are asked to jump, retrieve, respond to signals, and identify and retrieve articles carrying their handlers’ scent. For more complete information go to the Canadian Kennel Club site : http://www.ckc.ca/en/Events/Overview-of-Events/Obedience-Trials



Obedience Trials
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Community News

The membership participates in events and around the town, helping to further good will and positive canine representation. The annual Keswick Santa Claus parade, the Sutton Agricultural Fair, local business openings, elementary school visits and therapy dog visitations are but a few of the clubs involvement's. 1998 saw the club join with the local canine control arm of the town to hold their first successful rabies clinic in Keswick. As a further gesture of good will, the club donated the moneys from the admission to the annual shows to local charities and to a bursary at the local high school.

Better Canine Citizens - Classes

Everyone wants their dog to be a good neighbor. Let us assist you reach that goal. We offer insight into dog behavior, assistance on specific problems and help you on your way to having a well behaved and trained dog.

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*PLEASE NOTE: We cap our classes due to size of our facility and for teaching purposes. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. There is no 'pre' sign up. Plan to arrive early on our registration evenings.*

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